We believe working for your convenience can increase the Electronic Waste Recycling!

Electronic waste is currently the largest growing waste stream. E-waste is not only hazardous but it also contains renewable and valuable materials. It is important to properly recycle all e-wastes to recover the valuables and to keep our environment and human health from having bad impacts of toxic substances.

Let’s keep New Zealand GREEN!

Electronic waste in landfill needs to be banned

Toxic substances in the electronics can leach into our ground and harm the environment and our health. We need to work towards reducing the hazardous waste in our landfill before it is too late.

New Zealand is widely known for the green image but our environment is already suffering from high level of pollution. Protect what is ours.


27 / 08

Massey University, Albany

Collection Date: 27/08/2016

Collection Time: 9 AM ~ 3 PM

Target Areas: Albany, Mirangi Bay, Browns Bay, Unsworth Heights, Forest Hill, Glenfield

06 / 08

Pakuranga Trinity Methodist Church

Collection Date: 06/August/2016

Collection Time: 9 AM ~ 3 PM

Target Areas: Pakuranga, Pakuranga Heights, Sunnyhills, Golden Triangle, Burswood, Farm Cove

16 / 07

Red Beach Primary School

Collection Date: 16/July/2016

Collection Time: 9 AM ~ 3 PM

Target Areas: Red Beach, Orewa, Whangaparoa, Silverdale

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